It’s just all too much!

Oh dear, I think you will have a quiet evening tonight!







5 thoughts on “It’s just all too much!

  1. Good afternoon All

    I have been following your adventures this week and it looks like you have all enjoyed Ilam Hall,I will be keen to see all the work you do back in school enjoy the rest of your weekend

    Mr Trueman
    Chair of Governors

  2. I’ve been following your blog too, we have had an amazing time in London with Y5, but so far they haven’t crashed out like you! Gosh you look worn out! Thank you Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Kirby and all staff for your hard work in giving the children such an wonderful experience .
    Love Mrs Fearnley

  3. Wow, what an amazing blog year 4! It looks as though you have had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your time at Ilam Hall. I am so proud of how wonderful you all were while away. Mrs Kirby and Mrs Greenwood were telling me about all of the comments adults around Ilam were giving them about your impeccable manners and behaviour. Thank you to all staff, you have done a wonderful job, once again! I think it will be early to bed for everyone involved on the visit tonight! Have a lovely weekend all. Love Mrs Adams

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