Good morning everyone!

Oh dear, no one wants to get up this morning they are very sleepy and would rather stay in bed than eat this delicious breakfast! I hope they get up soon, if not Rodney and Cheeky will eat everything!











12 thoughts on “Good morning everyone!

  1. Rise and shiney ….. i’d certainly get up for breakie and know jacob would too …. he loves hes sausages and hashbrowns … have a super smashing morning and a safe trip back to school. See you later squidge love mum xxxx

  2. Good morning everyone, that breakfast would be enough to tempt me out of bed, thank you to the staff at Ilam hall for looking after our children so well, and to the teachers and t a’s who have given them such a wonderful experience, enjoy your last day see you all soon xxxxxxx

  3. Morning Miya Mum says I have got to stop using the blog to tease you so I will wait till you get back just kidding, enjoy breakfast can’t wait to see you again. I will get you a tub of ben and jerrys for when you get back

  4. morning jack are you still sleepy this moring

    i will be waiting for you went you get back to school lots of love mum dad david xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Mrs Greenwood…I hope you and Mrs Kirby are having a lovely time. I assume the food must be nice, I have seen quite a lot of pictures!

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