Our afternoon history trial

After a wonderful history trail the children are now back at the hostel for another change of clothes.

After working well as a team and being resilient they managed to crack all 5 codes to find the different locations, we were able to go inside the church and look at the history and the visitors centre. It was a bit wet but the children really enjoyed the walk around the grounds and into the village!

The most exciting part of our visit was the red telephone box I can’t believe the excitement in their faces as they say they have never seen one!























18 thoughts on “Our afternoon history trial

  1. Look like you are all having a great time. i will catch up see with you all on the blog
    see you soon jack love mum dad david xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Miya it looks like you are having a great time,me and neve are just looking at all of your pictures when she spotted you she shouted and got excited I bet she can’t wait till you get back she loves her big sis xxx

  3. Hi Haris, looks like you have had another busy day and you are enjoying yourself! its nice to see all the pics, have a nice evening. We all missing you lots of love, mum, dad, sami and Ayaan.xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Lucy, What a lovely place to explore! The blog is great, it’s nice to see what you are getting up to. We are all missing you – especially Olly. xx

  5. Sounds like yours having a great time. I have to say the house is VERY quiet without you! Can’t wait to see more photo’s on the blog later. Love you to the moon and back, Charlotte, Megan & Isla xxx

  6. Looks like your having a great time alliah despite the weather. The boys are missing you so are me and dad….enjoy the rest of the day xxxxx

  7. looks like you are having a blast Miya, Neve as kept you room tidy another day and I have beat your hi score on blame it on the boogie “IN YOUR FACE” but don’t concern yourself too much enjoy sweetie.

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