On the coach

Mrs Kirby seems to be having too much fun singing with Luke and Josh! Here they are all present and correct.



















26 thoughts on “On the coach

  1. Hi Annalyse, hope you have a great time – we will miss you lots. By the way – everybody knows that you are not shy, so big smiles for the camera. Love you loads, Mum, Dad, Jack and baby George.xxx

  2. Hope you have good time nice to see Luke with a smile on is face nice to see him sat with is friend josh can’t believe they are boyh singing

  3. Well Done Grace for not getting emotional this year before boarding the coach! I am so proud of you! Have the most fabulous time whilst you are there! Hope the weather stays nice for you all! Love and miss you lots and lots xxxxx

  4. Grace Taylor, I am so proud of you! No tears before boarding the coach! Get in, my girl!
    Hope the weather is better there than it is here now! Make sure you wrap up warm and put lots of layers on! It is NOT the summer yet! Love you my little bird! Missing you loads! Have a fabulous time! Xxxxx

  5. Thats a big smile, dont forget about us will you, all bored in a quiet house, while your away having lots of fun, lots of love
    Dad and mum xxx

  6. hi jayden its nan jeanette ,looks like youre all having a great time ,enjoy yourself ,thank the teachers for putting the fab photos on ,missing you loads ,love you xxxx

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