Night Walk

To burn off our meal we got changed into our warm clothes and gathered our hats, gloves and torches together and went for a night walk around the grounds. We talked about all the different sounds we could hear compared to Rotherham. We also noticed how dark it was outside with very little light. The children really enjoyed the experience especially using their torches in the dark!
They are now busy getting ready for bed so that we can read all your wonderful comments! Thank you for following our blog and we really hope you enjoy the remainder of our visit!


14 thoughts on “Night Walk

  1. Wow . . that looks like fun Neha, hope it wasn’t too cold for you out there . . . . . Mum just shouted your name in her sleep! . .sounds like she was telling you off in her dream . . funny . . !!

  2. Hi Lucy and friends, I hope you have enjoyed your first day, don’t stay up too late chatting!! (Hope you found your notes Lucy) love you loads xxxx

  3. hi holly hope you have enjoyed your first day it certainly looks like it, its very quiet here without you, look forward to seeing some more pics tomorrow goodnight sweetheart sleep well love mum, dad,alfie and daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Night Jay hope you have a good nights sleep on the top bunk. Lots of love mum, dad and Joel xxxxxx jack and theo send big licks xxxxxx

  5. Night Emily and the rest of y4, that night walk looked spooky! Hope you are keeping wrapped up warm. Have a lovely nights sleep lots of love, mum, dad, lauren and Alfie xxx

  6. Evening Bella boo and the rest of yr 4 and of course the wonderful teachers :)looks like you are all having a fab time , Ed is wondering why he’s not been tormented n missing you just like your mummy and daddy, enjoy the rest of your adventure!!
    Luv you sooooo much night night god bless xx xx

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