Night Everyone

All the children have really enjoyed listening to your comments on the blog, please keep them coming. Cheeky even came down to hear the blog although Rodney was tucked up in bed exhausted from his bumpy backpack ride with Mrs Kirby!

Night Ashcon, Ruby, Trinity, Sarah, Saba, Aiyza and Aminah from Y4G

Night Zoe, Jasmine and Hamza from Y4K we really wish you were all here with us!







14 thoughts on “Night Everyone

  1. Good night jacob …. we are all sending you big nighty hugs…. sleep tight and be snug as a bug. We hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Love mum dad and Owain and gizmo xxxx

  2. Wow year 4, it looks as though you have had a fun packed day! I hope you manage to all get a good night sleep ready for another busy day tomorrow. Good night, I look forward to seeing your adventures tomorrow x

  3. looks like a brill day so glad to see u smiling on all photos, we can all sleep now we know your happy. goodnight jayden we love u. mum,dad casey and lucas xxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s lucas is sleeping in your bed 🙂 xx

  4. Hi Haris hope ur ok, looks like your having a good time, don`t stay up late talking! have a good nights sleep, lots of love from mum,dad,Sami and Ayaan, missing you lots.xxxxxx

  5. nite nite to Kamila and all your friends. Hope having loads of fun, it looks as if you are. lots of love from mum,dad, bella and kurt…p.s not forgetting Marley and Derrick…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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