Nearly there!

We have just changed over to a luxury coach after a minor setback, all the children are now really hungry and are looking forward to lunch.

We can’t wait to get our first activity underway!



35 thoughts on “Nearly there!

  1. Glad youve arrived safely and all been fed. Alliah ……me and niall are following your blog he loves the pics. have fun this afternoon n stay dry hun xx

  2. Oh dear … but at least you have a luxury coach. And am sure lunch was not delayed by too long…. best things come to those who wait …. and am sure you are all going to have a fab time. Hope the weather wont be too wet and windy xxx

  3. I hope you’ve all had lunch and have arrived safely, everyone looked very excited setting off this morning…..hope you all have a fab time and Alliah…….. me and Niall are following you’re blog and he loves all the pictures
    enjoy hun xx

  4. Hope youve all had lunch and arrived safely x have a brilliant time …and alliah we are following your blog and niall loves looking at all the pictures xx

  5. Hi 4G/4k is Luke and josh still singing with Mrs Kirby.Mrs Greenwood i was just wondering if you could send a few pictures of ilamhall for us to see.

    • Hope youve all had lunch and arrived safely ……have a brilliant time and wrap up warm x n Alliah we are following the blog niall loves the pictures xx

  6. Hiya hope youve all arrived safely and it’s not too cold and wet x Alliah ….niall loves youre pics and we are following the blog have a fab time hun xxx

  7. Hiya Y4 missed you all today! I bet you are having a wonderful time! Keep your photos coming on the blog when you have a strong enough signal! I love seeing what you are all getting up to, Mrs Roberts x

  8. Hi everyone!

    It is already so quiet without you all!

    I’m glad you finally arrived safely at Ilam Hall and hope you are enjoying orienteering! Don’t get too wet!

    Miss Brewin xxx

  9. hope you’ve all arrived safely and are wrapped up warm x….Alliah we are following the blog Niall loves the photos, have a fab time then come rescue me im surrounded by boys xx

  10. Hiya . Glad youve all arrived safely hope youre enjoying the activities but staying warm and dry… Alliah have a fab time then come rescue me im surrounded by boys ….were following your blog n Niall loves the pictures x luv u hun xxxx

  11. hi holly hope your having fun,missing you already, hi everyone, hope the weathers not too miserable for you its cold wet and windy here 😦 but im sure you will all enjoy yourselves whatever the weather xxx

  12. hiya hope your all having a lovely time and staying warm and dry x …….Alliah were following the blog and Niall loves the pictures…… enjoy yourself hun then come rescue me im in a house surrounded by boys xxxx love ya mum xxx

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