Making their beds!

As you can see the children are busy making their beds before our evening meal. Mrs Kirby has done an excellent demonstration.










14 thoughts on “Making their beds!

  1. Hi alliah hope your having a brill time. Were loving the photos and now I know u can make a bed!! See u soon love mum dad and brothers xxx

  2. Glad youve all arrived safely and enjoyed orienteering x missing u Alliah im stuck in a house full of rowdy boys xxx

  3. I bet your Mums and Dads are in shock looking at these pictures. You do know that you will have to do the same when you are at home now. It looks like you are having a fabulous time despite the weather. Make sure you eat up all your dinner and enjoy your walk later.
    Mrs Forshaw 🙂 xxx

  4. Hi Lucy, you and the girls look very comfortable! Just to let you know I am in Olly’s bad books – not only did I not fetch his Mummy home after school, but I took him to the park and he got extremely muddy, so he needs to go in the bath – not a very happy puppy!! Love you and miss you already xx

  5. Looks like you got in a room with a good bunch just like you had hoped ,Miya tell your bunk buddy to put there ear muffs on or just Igsnore your ZZZZZZ’s.Love Dad

  6. Hi Neha, looks like you are having a fabulous time with all you friends hope you enjoy your evening meal. Missing you loads love you lots zakiy, mum and dad

  7. Hi Mila,Hope you’re you’re fast asleep by now…(sweet dreams).Did you get the top or bottom bunk? xxxLove you millions…enjoy yourself….love from all of us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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