Dessert time

All the children are excited, the highlight of this evening is the sticky toffee pudding yum!










15 thoughts on “Dessert time

  1. Hi everyone, hope you are having a great time. Lucy, I know Olly is missing you as he’s having to have a bath after your mum has taken him for a walk! See you all on Monday!

  2. Hi Marko hope youre haveing a great time…mums allready missing you. Kristian cant wait untill you come back and play playstation with him. PS: the desert looks nice.

  3. HI Haris how are you? did you enjoy your dessert! looks like you and your class are having a good time, we are all missing you, especially Ayaan he is looking for you! Lots of love Sami,Ayaan,mum,dad.xxxxx

  4. That looks nice eve ,hope you have a good nights sleep missing you lots love you lots love mummy, daddy, chloe, jack and joshua x x x

  5. Hi my beautiful princess, Annalyse – baby George wants some of your dessert (its me who wants it really) – how yummy does it look? I bet it tastes even better – or should I say tasted? Hope you are having the best time – you deserve it sweetheart. We will keep watching – we are really missing you. Love mum, dad, Jack and baby bump

  6. Wow! That looks yummy! I’m sure you will all sleep well tonight with your full tummies! Hope you’ve had a brilliant first day!

  7. Tea looks yummy hope you enjoyed it miya.Neve’s gone to bed now i gave her a big kiss for you she’s missing you love you lots

  8. Looks like you are having an amazing time! So exciting to keep checking this blog and looking at the fab pictures. We are so jealous! Keep us updated! Grace, love you so much my baby bird! I am so very proud of you and miss you lots! Hope you have a fab time but can’t wait to see you to hear all about it! Goodnight my lovely little lady! Sleep tight! Never forget how much I love you xxxxxxx

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